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Using Instagram Stories + Instagram Post +
Instagram Synced E-Com Stores & Affiliate Sites 
World's Best & Most Complete Instagram Marketing Suite
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28% Of Internet Uses Instagram (Over 500 Million Users) & Every 3rd User is an Online Shopper. Instagram Engagement is 10 times higher than Facebook, 58X times higher than Pinterest and 84X higher than Twitter

Grow Business At ZERO Cost With GramKosh

No Other Instagram App Comes Close to GramKosh In Terms of Features & Performance
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GramKosh covers all possible functionalities
you can think of to leverage Instagram for Business
  • Schedule Instagram Stories Directly Via Desktop
  • Automate Instagram Stories-Schedule posts for months Instantly
  • Schedule Post Directly from Your Desktop
  • Auto Post & Schedule Your First Comment 
  • Elite Training – How to Gain 25k followers in any Niche 
  • Complete Step-by-Step Video training and tutorials 
  • Premium Custom Feed Layouts 
  • Post Instagram Stories Directly Via Desktop
  • Post to Your Instagram Account Directly from Your Desktop
  • GramKosh Analytics
  • Image Editor
  • Instagram Synced eCom Stores, Affiliate Sites, blogs or Sites 
  • Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud-Based Software 
  • Entry to 7 Fig. Instagram VIP Mastermind Group 
 GramKosh is 1st & only Software in the World
 to Help You Leverage  
Instagram Stories
Instagram Synced Affiliate Sites (with Instagram like Look theme)
Instagram Synced E-COM Stores Sites (with Instagram like Look theme)
Instagram Synced Affiliate Blogs (with Instagram like Look theme)
Auto-Linking Every Story/Post With Niche Related 30 Viral Hashtags

 More Exposure On Instagram ->  More Traffic -> More Engagement -> More Profits 

No other Software has a collection of these 
Power-Packed Functionalities
If You are Tired of Struggling Online To Get Traffic & Leads
Or Failed At Fb Ads, then you need to Try GramKosh Now!
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How Will GramKosh Help Me In Business?
Visual content collects 40x more social shares than any other form of content, because human mind processes visuals easily and much faster than text
Guess what’s almost 100% visual content?

It's Instagram !!!
Your each & every follower sees your every post (Reach is 100%) as compared to 6% on Facebook. No other platform has 100% reach which is one of the important reason Why Instagram has higher engagement than any other social networks.

 [Instagram is the Goldmine of Traffic in this new era of social media]  

Only 36% of Businesses use Instagram Till Now
Reason: Instagram is a mobile app which require hell lot of efforts, dedication, time and manual hard work to bring engagement or traffic in business.

Bottom Line: Things will be Really tough for you if you are not a celebrity or a big brand with a big social media company to handle your promotions

Why Do You Need To Use GramKosh Now In Business? 

Despite being  the major player in the phone industry, Nokia didn’t respond to the smart screen trend but Samsung took it hands on. 

Now, all of us do Know the History about the downfall of Nokia & the Rise Of Samsung
If You Don’t Flow With the Current Trend, Your Business Will Only See Downfall
 Instagram Stories, Instagram Viral Hashtags are the 
core feature of engagement in Instagram & the current Trend 
And Now you have the World’s Best and Complete Software with each and every functionality 
one can think of with Instagram to generate Profits in Business.
Proudly Presenting

GramKosh is the Only web based Instagram Marketing Suite that allows users the Ability to Schedule or Post Instagram Stories Directly Via Desktop, Schedule or Post Normal Instagram Posts from Your Desktop, Auto Post & Schedule Your First Comment with Viral Hashtags with Complete Engagement Analytics Dashboard & Advanced Image Editor to craft beautiful images to be used on Instagram

If you are Tired of Struggling Online to Get Traffic & Leads Or Failed At FB Ads,
then you need to try GramKosh Now!
Price Increases Exactly in
Watch the Quick 180 Seconds Demo Video
GramKosh Lifetime Access Provides You
1. GramKosh  Membership
World’s 1st & Only All In One Instagram Marketing Suite To Get More Leads, Traffic, Sales & Engagement In Your Business Using Instagram.
2. Post Instagram Stories Directly From Your Desktop

Instagram Stories are published right on top of Instagram feed. Generate huge engagement and excitement of your Brand.

Your Brand will always be on the top of Customers Mind.

3. Schedule Instagram Stories Directly From Your Desktop
Schedule your Stories at a Specific Date and Time, which will Save time by scheduling months of content within few clicks.
4. Post & Schedule Directly From Desktop
Create, Edit and Schedule your Instagram posts (Pictures and Videos) without the need to leave your computer running. Creating Emoji’s for post &  Live Preview before posting. 
5. Auto Post and Schedule your First Comment
Hashtags are most important  to get your Post discovered on Instagram. Post 30 most popular Hashtags to give your images manyfold times reach.
6. Image Editor 
Control your post through image editor right through your dashboard. Let your Image speak 1000 words by adding special effects like Draw, Add Multiple Colours, Create Meme, Add Stickers and much more…
7. GramKosh Account Analytics
Track and visualise the growth of your Instagram accounts with important data to make Intelligent decisions and grow your Business Wisely.
8. Video Training

Although GramKosh  is simple, we have still made step-by-step training to make you well versed with the tool and all features inside it.

Within 10-15 minutes, you'll handle GramKosh , like a pro having full control.
9. Elite Training from Saurabh and Gaurav

Learn from Instagram Experts "How to Grow your Instagram Accounts from Scratch to 25,000 followers in any Niche"

Along with other regular Live webinar calls to help you in business.

10. Instagram Synced E-Com Store, Affiliate Sites, Blogs & Website
Post in Instagram are not clickable and marketer had to post links as text till now in comments.
Using GramKosh, You’ll make Insta-Sites in which each post will be synced to posts in Insta-Sites which will be clickable and look exactly the same as in Instagram so viewers will be able to click easily.
11. 24/7 Support Staff
Got questions? 

For any query, problem, or question, get in touch with our friendly support staff, who will resolve all your problems instantly. This is Support Link.
12. 7 Figure VIP Mastermind Group
Get In Touch With Masters Of Instagram Traffic, Experts In Area who will share their knowledge, current trends, secrets to boost results only in VIP Mastermind Group.
If you are Tired of Struggling Online to Get Traffic & Leads Or Failed At FB Ads,
then you need to try GramKosh Now!
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Check Out The Bonuses You'll Get For FREE
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Below Products are delivered with 100% Reseller Licenses.
You can Re-Brand them with your own name and Sell It Unlimited to make profits
 Fast Action Bonus #1 
WP Viral Click  (VALUE:$297)
WP Viral Click is a WordPress plugin, built to help you automatically generate contents for your site from an external webpage. Furthermore, you can customize the page by adding custom elements like modals, info bars and slide ins to promote user engagement to your offers.
 Fast Action Bonus #2 
WP Visitor Chat (VALUE: $167)
WP Visitor Chat plugin creates a live chat widget on your website allowing site visitors to directly interact with the administrator in real-time or offline mode.
With this plugin, visitors can send a short message to you can quickly do so right from the website.
 Fast Action Bonus #3 
WP EZ Launcher (VALUE: $97)
WP EZ Launcher is a very useful plugin that helps the user in the initial phase of the WordPress installation process. It helps simplify a lot of common tasks when setting up a WordPress-based websites.
 Fast Action Bonus #4 
WP Affiliate RockStar (VALUE: $167)
Affiliate Rockstar plugin will help you ninja affiliate campaigns which are bound to convert & sky rocket your Affiliate Earnings.
 Fast Action Bonus #5 
Facebook Ads Authority (VALUE: $297)
Discover How To Use Facebook Ads To Get More Leads, Build Brand Awareness And Make More Sales
 Fast Action Bonus #6 
Youtube Marketing Excellence (VALUE: $127)
Step-By-Step Blueprint For Using YouTube!
 Fast Action Bonus #7 
Affiliate Authority (VALUE: $147)
Discover How To Get Started As An Affiliate Marketer And Make a Fortune Selling Other People's Products
 Fast Action Bonus #8 
Web Traffic (VALUE: $197)
25 Website Traffic Methods Exposed! Proven Methods to Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website!
 Fast Action Bonus #9 
Traffic Babylon (VALUE: $167)
If You Are Looking To Send Your Website Traffic Even Further Through The Roof, then here's a short, 12 part video series that reveals to you 6 paid and 6 free traffic sources to SKYROCKET your traffic!
 Fast Action Bonus #10 
High Quality Original Music Tracks (VALUE: $167)
102 High Quality Original Music Tracks For You To Use In Your Marketing Efforts!
Total Value Of These Incredible Free Bonuses
+ Many Great SURPRISE Bonuses As Well In The Exclusive Member's Area!
If you are Tired of Struggling Online to Get Traffic & Leads Or Failed At FB Ads,
then you need to try GramKosh Now!
Price Increases Exactly in
If  customers have any technical issues while using GramKosh and we fail to resolve the issue, we'll refund 100% of  the money back. Our money back guarantee applies to technical issues only - other than that, all sales are final.

We do not offer a no-questions asked refund. Customers will need to provide a valid reason for requesting one. Our team has a 99% proven record of solving customer problems and helping them through any issues so the customers' money is extremely safe & protected.
Here's why GramKosh is Everybody's Choice
"The World's BEST Instagram Marketing Suite"
Unbeatable Features, Technology & Support
If you are Tired of Struggling Online to Get Traffic & Leads Or Failed At FB Ads,
then you need to try GramKosh Now!
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To Your Awesome Success,
P.S. This is a must-have Instagram Marketing suite for every website/online presence. You or your staff is probably wasting hours every week on tasks that that GramKosh will do for you in minutes.

So STOP wasting your precious time on menial tasks and let GramKosh add color to your life by freeing up your time 10x more to get new leads through perfect Instagram Marketing.

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If you are Tired of Struggling Online to Get Traffic & Leads Or Failed At FB Ads,
then you need to try GramKosh Now!
Price Increases Exactly in 

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